Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Showtime’s ‘Twin Peaks’ Revival

Why does everyone love this Twin Peaks show so much?

Because it was really weird when TV executives hated anything that wasn’t Jake and the Fatman.

Should I watch it?


Even season two? I’ve heard bad things.

Yes, even season two. It’s not very good, at least compared to the offbeat brilliance of the first season, but the finale is fantastic and truly horrifying.

Well, where I can see the show?

The entire thing’s on Netflix Instant and Hulu.

Not that I’ll know what the hell you’re talking about, but what will season three be like?

Here’s what co-creator Mark Frost told Variety: “The new segs will be set in the present day and continue storylines established in the second season. Sources emphasize that the new episodes will not be a remake or a reboot but will reflect the passage of time since viewers last checked in with key characters.”

That’s super confusing.

Maybe this will help. When asked whether this is ACTUALLY season three, Frost responded, “Not really, but just because my brain doesn’t work that way. I’ve always said that Twin Peaks to me was like a novel we filmed every page of. So this is more like we found another volume of the saga, and now we want to bring that to life too.” Again, vague (Frost won’t even confirm if the season will take place IN Twin Peaks, or whether we’ll get a resolution to the finale), but honestly, that’s not a bad thing. I’d rather come into the new episodes knowing nothing than having everything already revealed to me.

Will there be another “Who Killed Laura Palmer”? She’s the original Rosie Larsen!

“If I told you that I would have to give the Kill command to the Predator drones that are circling your house now. And that wouldn’t be cool.” So…maybe?

Yeah, “maybe.” Will the original cast return, like that guy from Showgirls? He’s funny!

I see…Anyway, “Those who want to see old faces, and those would like to see new faces, none of them will be disappointed. It’s far too early to talk specifics about people. We’re not at that stage in the process.” Same with Angelo Badalamenti, who was as essential at setting a tone as Lynch and Frost.

The original series aired on ABC, so why’s it returning on Showtime?

Shonda Rhimes’ Twin Peaks doesn’t have the same ring to it. But the actual answer is: “Showtime was the first and only [network] we spoke to about this. There was a nice sense of continuity there, because Gary Levine, who’s the right-hand man to [Showtime president] David Nevins, was our [creative] representative on the show when we were on ABC.”

Did the art on David Nevins’ walls have anything to do with the decision?

You bet! “David [Lynch] really loved the artwork on David [Nevins]‘ office walls.”

But why in 2016, not, 2007 or 2068?

Because it’s been 25 years since the finale, and 25 is an import number in Twin Peaks lore.

OK, one more question: what’s the deal with the Black Lodge?

The thing about that is *spends three hours explaining his many theories*

Via TVLine and Deadline