Here Are The Final Two Pages Of 'Breaking Bad's' 'Felina' Series Finale Screenplay

This may be of interest TO EVERYONE. The Writers Guild Foundation put on an exhibit at the Austin Film Festival — where Vince Gilligan was honored — and as a treat to the Breaking Bad diehards they put the screenplay to the Breaking Bad series finale, “Felina,” on display for all to glance over.

Which of course means someone snapped photos of the final and penultimate pages and shared with the internet because the earth would have spun off its axis had they not.

Here’s the next-to-last page, which confirms Jesse’s ending was as optimistically open-ended as we’d all hoped.

And here’s the final page, which provides some addition finite closure to Walt’s ending.

Now all we need is the page from the beginning that confirms Norm MacDonald’s Walter White death fantasy theory and we’d be talking Breaking Bad closure all around.

Via r/BreakingBad