Here’s The Animated Music Video For Dave Coulier’s ‘Full House’ Rap That You Didn’t Know Existed

For every viral video sensation, there are probably hundreds of failed efforts that sink down to the gutter of the internet, never to be shared or accepted by the masses. This animated rap video that Dave Coulier made (with the help of animator Rachel Peters) about Full House has only received a little more than 7,000 views and less than 50 likes since Coulier posted it on his YouTube channel, but hopefully the show’s sudden return to relevancy will help to mend that injustice because this is magnificent.

In the video, Coulier raps and jokes about the show’s many catchphrases, Uncle Joey’s mullet-haired plump phase, the show’s merchandising, questions about his, Danny, and Jesse’s sexuality, Comet’s everlasting coolness, and all the money made by the Olsen twins. It’s called “Cut it Out.” Go run and tell someone.