Here's The First Poster For Season 4 Of 'The Walking Dead'

07.01.13 20 Comments

dead poster banner

AMC just released the first poster for Season 4 of The Walking Dead. It features Rick and Daryl front and center with their weapons drawn, and Michonne and Tyreese off to the side fighting off zombies. Poor Tyreese. Everyone else has cool, effective weapons — gun, crossbow, sword being wielded from atop a magnificent steed — and he’s still out there defending himself from a dozen charging walkers with a dang hammer like some sort of farmer or something. A hammer. That’s, like, one step up from a rock on the old zombie self-defense scale. (Top entry: Helicopter outfitted with missiles.) You have to let them get so close before you can even use it, and then you better pray you’re super good at bonking people in the head, because that is your only shot. Hitting a zombie in the arm with a hammer probably just makes them angrier.

And ANYWAY, what are Rick and Daryl doing while this is going on? YO. TURN AROUND. People are trying to fight off zombies with handheld weapons made of wood and metal, and y’all are staring off into the distance with your guns and crossbows pointed at the horizon like you’re playing a game of Guess Who’s In A Roland Emmerich Movie. Jesus Mighty, get it together. Head on a swivel, boys. A zombie attack is no time for daydreaming.

dead poster

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