Here’s The Naked ‘Project Runway’ Billboard That Was Banned In Los Angeles

I don’t know much about Project Runway, except that it was once on Bravo, but now it’s on Lifetime, and that — according to my wife — it isn’t very good anymore, which presumes that it was once worth watching (which our old friend Matt would agree with. I KNOW, I know. /BRING BACK MATT). All I know is that they made a poster ad — which was to go up at bus stops and various kiosks around the city — that was too risque for Los Angeles, which will allow a billboard with “Mother F***ers” in it, and a billboard offering to provide assistance to virgins, but they won’t let posters up featuring naked models writhing below Heidi Klum.

Hey! But that’s what New York City is for. According to The Wrap, the nude poster art will be going up around Manhattan today.

What’s all the fuss about, anyway? Let’s see.

OH NO, SIDE BUTTOCK. Although, that guy way over there on the right? There’s something missing, and there’s not a lot of places to put it in that general area, if you know what I mean? (The missing apendage is more obvious here).