A ‘Parks And Rec’ Actor Will Play Captain Holt’s Husband On ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

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12.20.13 27 Comments


Throughout Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s excellent first season, Andre Braugher’s character, Captain Holt, has made numerous references to his husband. Like the mayor on Parks and Recreation, we haven’t seen him. Unlike the mayor on Parks and Rec, we’ll meet Mr. Holt soon, though unfortunately, he won’t be played by Bill Murray.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be introducing the husband of Andre Braugher’s veteran cop in early 2014, and TVLine has learned exclusively that he will be played by actor-comedian Marc Evan Jackson.

The 99th precinct will meet Kevin when he invites them to Holt’s birthday party at their home. (Via)

Jackson also plays lawyer Trevor Nelson on Parks and Rec, meaning we’re that much closer to a Simpsons/Critic-esque (or Simpsons/Futurama) crossover episode. Michael Schur’s already gone down the doppelganger route, so maybe Pawnee’s fartiest could trade jobs with Brooklyn’s finest? Straight-up Jerry/Gary/Larry for Scully swap.

It’d pretty much be the same show.

(Via TVLine)

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