Holy Crap.

01.21.11 7 years ago 9 Comments

We’ve seen some weird stuff from TLC’s “My Strange Addiction” before — the woman who wrote a letter to her blow dryer addiction comes to mind — but nothing can adequately prepare you for Adele, the woman who eats the stuffing from couch cushions. I mean, HOLY CRAP. It’s not food! It’s like eating styrofoam peanuts, only somehow grosser. Adele says:

On a daily basis, I probably eat an 8.5 by 11 piece of cushion. I just take little bite-size pieces and snack on it all day. Sometimes I’ll just go on a binge where I just keep going — 20, 25 minutes straight of eating cushion.

I love couch cushion. The way it sits in my mouth, it’s soft and it’s a good taste. The darker cushion, the yellow cushion that tastes better — it just has a stronger flavor.

That’s right, she not only eats couch cushions; she’s a CONNOISSEUR of which couch cushions taste the best. Steel yourself for the video below:

I believe that warrants an appearance from OMG Cat.

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