ISIS, Charlie Hebdo, And Vladimir Putin Among The Topics Tackled In The New Season Of ‘Homeland’

Showtime already let us in on a few pertinent details regarding the new season of Homeland. Not only will season five take place in Germany this time around, but the show will be jumping ahead in time.

The network released a few more items to expect from the new episodes at their TCA panel on Tuesday and, according to Deadline, Vladimir Putin, ISIS, and Charlie Hebdo will be among the topics being explored:

“The first episode’s going to deal with Russia — what’s Putin up to? What’s going on with this tricky relationship there?” Nevins said at TCA. “It deals with ISIS. Charlie Hebdo. (Edward) Snowden, cyber terrorism, surveillance. These are interesting elements to the season, which brings a lot of things together.”

Nevins went on to talk a bit about the different focus the new season is taking over last year’s storyline by saying, “The show proved last year its ability to have a new fresh story each season. It is doing it again this year.”

Is it too soon to tackle the subject matter of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in such a manner? I guess we’ll find out, as Homeland will premiere its new season on October 4 on Showtime.

(Via Deadline)