Carrie Mathison Is Unable To Escape Her Past In The Season 5 Trailer For ‘Homeland’

08.28.15 3 years ago 5 Comments

In July, Showtime released a new teaser trailer for the upcoming fifth season of their flagship series, Homeland. With a bit over a month until new episodes premiere on the network, a new trailer has hit. As previously mentioned, the new season will jump ahead two years and find Carrie Mathison working as a private citizen in Germany. Of course, the regularly unstable ex-government employee gets sucked back into the CIA’s chaos when an espionage scenario goes horribly wrong.

It feels like Showtime’s spy thriller hasn’t fully hit the levels of intensity they achieved when Damian Lewis was a regular on the show. (Pours one out for the American traitor homie, Nicholas Brody.) Lewis — whose new series Billions is set to premiere in 2016 — was pretty damn captivating with his performance as Brody on the series. After his, uh, departure, Rupert Friend’s Peter Quinn seemed to step further into the role of the kinda crazy, embattled American soldier, loose cannon void the show was apparently looking to fill.

Whether it worked or not isn’t really the question, as droves of viewers are still tuning in keeping demand for the show alive. This, right here, is why a time jump and location change may indeed work for the show moving forward into its new season. And aside from all the espionage and Carrie’s horrible love and life choices — you know they’re coming — the storylines in the new season of Homeland will be drawing from current events like that of the ongoing threat of ISIS and the Charlie Hebdo attacks that rocked the world earlier this year.

Will the time jump and move to Germany work? Is Peter Quinn going to kill more people? What about the Carrie cry-face? All these questions — and probably more — will be answered when Homeland returns to Showtime on October 4th.

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