Let The Butchering Begin! Watch Netflix’s ‘House of Cards’ Season 2 Trailer

Capitalizing on a wave of Golden Globe nominations yesterday (for best drama, for best actor (Kevin Spacey), best actress (Robin Wright) and best supporting actor (Corey Stoll)), Netflix has decided to release its first full trailer for season two of House of Cards, which is set to debut on Valentine’s Day 2014. I guess the one problem, however, with Netflix’s binge viewing strategy is that I watched the first season in a single 24-hour stretch last February, and it’s been so long and I watched it so fast, it’s all a blur. I don’t even remember how it ended, except the feeling of anxiousness to see more as soon as possible.

A refresher viewing may be necessary, because maybe it will help explain why Kate Mara’s character is making out with a woman in this trailer, although I doubt it. Based on the trailer, however, season two looks every bit as fantastic as the first season.