‘House Of Cards’ Returns For One Last Frank Underwood-less Go-Round

10.31.18 5 Comments


There’s a thing that happens in the first episode of the final season of House of Cards — Claire Underwood (Robin Wright), now the president, which is not really a spoiler because of real-world events (more on that shortly) and because the show has been pretty up-front about it in the promotional materials, pauses during a big speech to military personnel and turns her face directly toward the camera to address us at home like her husband used to do. She lets the look hold for a beat and then asks us “Do you miss Francis?”

And I, the professional analyst of culture, the reserved arbiter of taste and quality, let out a resounding “Nope!”

This brings us to the elephant in the room — Kevin Spacey is no longer on House of Cards, the show that kicked off Netflix’s push towards quality original content and won him a handful of fancy awards. The reasons for this are well-documented and easily Google-able and have very little to do with his on-screen performance. The truth is, though, his exit was probably overdue creatively, too. Frank Underwood was a reasonably interesting character when he was hungry and striving for power, but by the later seasons, his schtick had grown very stale. The cartoonish Southern accent had lost its charm. The budget was skyrocketing from having to replace all the scenery he devoured. (I assume.) Things weren’t great on a number of fronts.

And so, adios Frank, hello President Claire. Season 6 opens with Claire in the White House after the mysterious death of her husband. She’s in charge now. She’s running the show, or at least trying to while dealing with the various alliances and enemies and promises Frank juggled. It’s better. It’s definitely better. Claire has been the show’s best or second-best character for at least half of the show’s run now (depending on where you rank Mahershala Ali’s slick lobbyist Remy Danton). Giving her more power and more responsibility is a step in the right direction.

Giving her new adversaries is good, too. This season, those adversaries come in the form of a powerful free-market-crazed set of billionaire siblings played by Greg Kinnear and Diane Lane. Lane’s character, Annette, is a blast. Within the first two or three episodes we learn the following about her:

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