Six True Things (And One Lie) About ‘House Of Cards’ Season 5

house of cards season 5 review


Six True Things About House Of Cards Season 5

1. The fifth season of House of Cards is here. The action picks up not long after the end of season four. Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and his Vice Presidential candidate slash wife Claire (Robin Wright) are still in the middle of a hotly contested election. As you can probably imagine, if you’ve watched this show before or even just heard two people talk about it for five minutes at Panera one day, things go sideways, quickly. The exact manner in which they go sideways isn’t extremely important (it’s a little Veep-y, we’ll say that), because all you need to know is that all hell breaks loose, as it usually does on House of Cards. What follows is a number of episodes about devious schemers scheming deviously. Sometimes Kevin Spacey addresses the camera directly. You get the idea.

2. This season leans hard into current events. A nasty election ending with a surprise twist? In the show. A hacker meddling on behalf of a candidate and leaking damaging information, only to end up as a semi-prisoner in Russia, kind of like a Snowden/Assange mashup? In the show. A presidential administration getting buried in scandals shortly after taking office, to the point it starts to overwhelm everyone and undercut the party’s agenda? In the show. A powerful, paranoid, borderline sociopathic man who relies on his own family for advice and clutches to his overinflated opinion of himself even as his world burns down around him? Oh, that is definitely in the show. It’s kind of like the writers of House of Cards watched the news for the past year and were like “Oh, cool” as they jotted down notes. It’s all almost a little too real in places.

3. It is also extremely not real and hilarious in others. House of Cards wouldn’t know subtlety if subtlety walked up and said hello and then reminded House of Cards that they’d met at least four times before that. Even if one of those times was a long weekend they spent together in Vermont. Even if they got snowed-in with only a Thermos of hot cocoa and their own body heat to keep them warm until help arrived. It’s not a subtle show. That’s what I’m trying to say.

Here are a few things that happen during season five, most of which I will keep vague enough so as not to spoil it for you.

– Two characters have sex on the lectern inside the White House Press Room

– Kevin Spacey looks dead into the camera and says “Meet your new daddy”

– Kevin Spacey repeats a line, once for the camera, and then immediately for a character in the scene, which is more just something I wanted to point out because it made me laugh


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