Let’s Examine How Close ‘The People V. O.J. Simpson’ Has Been To Real Life

If you’re not watching The People v. O.J. Simpson, you’re doing a disservice to television. Game Of Thrones doesn’t come back on until April, people, and we still have a long time before Fargo returns. With the ratings that American Crime Story has been pulling, you might as well get on the train now. From its premiere, the show has gone to painstaking lengths to tell the facts that happened in an honest way, but just how close have they gotten so far?

A casual watcher, someone who wasn’t alive during the real ordeal, might think that the series has dramatized a number of elements in the series, but it’s actually chilling how close People has portrayed the case. We’ve already dived into how the actual near-suicide scene in Kim Kardashian’s bedroom happened, as did Robert Kardashian’s reading of the famous suicide note that ended with a smiley face. Watching O.J. and Nicole’s children attend their mother’s funeral was one of the most emotional moments of the entire story, which People captured accurately.

Recreating the infamous white Bronco chase, which involved shutting down an L.A. freeway, also mirrored the intensity of reality. Al Cowlings was the driver whose car phone meltdown showed how volatile the entire situation had become, and the series took a closer look at O.J.’s son’s impassioned pleas not to commit suicide at the end of the real chase. People gave us a glimpse of O.J.’s eventual arrest from the inside of his police car, a moment that was broadcasted with over 90 million people watching.

Now that we’re in Johnnie Cochran territory, we can expect many more historic moments to come, showing us the real points in time behind the trail that captivated so many Americans.