The ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Creators Are Returning To CBS With A ‘Magic-Themed Comedy’

Since wrapping up How I Met Your Mother‘s 27-season run (approximately), co-creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas have remained mostly silent. The Greta Gerwig-starring spinoff How I Met Your Dad wasn’t picked up by CBS, but their relationship with the network hasn’t soured, because Bays and Thomas are working on a new show for them, a “magic-themed comedy.”

Carter Bays and Craig Thomas are returning to the eye network with another comedy project set in the Big Apple — New York Mythological. The single-camera half-hour, which Bays and Thomas will write and executive produce, [centers] on a Midwestern girl who moves to Manhattan and experiences firsthand the magic of New York. (Via Deadline)

Please let the “magic” be figurative, not literal.

Unless the trick is that she can go back in time and change the actual How I Met Your Mother ending to the fan version. OK, so it’s less magic and more “she has access to a time machine,” which actually sounds like a better show. Just a small-town girl living in the big city, and also she can time travel. It’s the one challenge Barney Stinson never accepted.

(Via Deadline)