A ‘How To Make It In America’ Reunion Video Had Fans Talking About HBO Bringing The Show Back For Season 3

How To Make It In America has been off the air for nearly a decade now, but a marketing campaign for a streetwear brand got some fans excited that a revival might actually be on the horizon. And, well, maybe if fans make enough noise about it that revival could happen after all.

The Bryan Greenberg show ran two seasons on HBO and featured Victor Rasuk and Greenberg’s characters trying to make it big in the New York fashion scene. The show was a bit of a cult hit, drawing mixed reviews and ratings through two seasons but finding an audience large enough to make minor waves on social media a decade later when a video of Rasuk and Greenberg meeting in a booth of a New York restaurant drew speculation that a Season 3 could be on the way. It didn’t help that Greenberg posted the video with little explanation on Thursday.

The video, which you can see above, doesn’t exactly announce much of anything. But the key to its purpose is seen on the back of Rasuk’s sweatshirt: the logo for Hidden NY, a streetwear company that was using the video to announce its latest campaign.

Still, those who didn’t pick up on the ad were mostly disappointed the show isn’t coming back just yet.

One fan did get a response from HBO Max, though, so perhaps hope isn’t lost just yet.

Whether that help account will get things started here or not is yet to be determined, but we’ve seen online campaigns make things possible on HBO Max, so who knows what can happen if it draws enough attention.