How to Pretend You Didn’t Say the F-Word on Fox News

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04.17.12 24 Comments

Bob Beckel looks like a fat cat from a newspaper cartoon, complete with a belligerent attitude, huge waistline, jowls, and comical suspenders. He makes for great TV, and last night, he appeared on “Hannity.” After returning from a commercial break, the first thing the audience at home heard was Beckel telling fellow panelist Jennifer Stefano, “If you think that Head Start is a failure, then you don’t know what the f*ck you’re talking about.”

I hear she also hates corgis. At first, Beckel doesn’t believe that the cameras were on when he used that “foul word.” But like Ralph Wiggum’s heart, you can pinpoint the exact second when it dawns on him what he did — at 0:40, FYI. And then Beckel blames Hannity for his slip-up and Stefano, a Tea Party activist, yells something about “typical liberals” and the “arena of ideas” and Beckel looks like he pissed himself and everything dissolves into a swearless conversation about something and I HATE that football SO much. The end.


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