Hugh Dancy Kills ‘Hannibal’ Hopes And Dreams By Signing Onto A New Show

Comic-Con International 2015 - "Hannibal" Savor The Hunt Panel
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Less than a month after the Hannibal cast gave an emotional final bow at San Diego Comic-Con, the series appears to have experienced a true death blow. The official cancellation wasn’t enough proof for die-hard fans, especially when Hugh Dancy and Richard Armitage wore flower crowns as a special wink to the beloved Internet meme.

Hugh Dancy is here to stomp your symbolic flowers into pieces. Entertainment Weekly reports that Dancy has signed onto the lead role in Hulu’s television drama, The Way, which will costar Aaron Paul and Michelle Monaghan. Dancy will play a charismatic cult leader in an organization not unlike Scientology. The series will arrive courtesy of showrunner Jason Katims (Friday Night Lights).

This news may come as a huge blow for Hannibal die hards. Still, fans must have known the reality of the situation. NBC has had enough, Netflix and Amazon both decided against resurrecting the series, and showrunner Bryan Fuller will soon be hard at work adapting Neil Gaiman’s American Gods for Starz. Plus, Dancy’s Will Graham character will finish the final Hannibal episodes in semi-retirement.

Time to lacquer up the flower crown for preservation. There’s always hope for a future film, and the upcoming Red Dragon, of course.

(via Entertainment Weekly)