I Want to Take This Commercial Behind the Woodshed and Give it a Spanking. The Sexy Kind

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12.21.11 31 Comments

You probably think you’re a fairly well-rounded degenerate satisfied with your meager job, a television watching habit, and your puny little existence. But your life is only just beginning. You haven’t truly lived — in the spiritual, religious sense — until you’ve seen this Russian Burger King commercial. It will change your worldview. It will provoke epiphany. It will alter the course of your life, open your mind to a universe of possibilities. The guy who invented that drug that Bradley Cooper takes in Limitless that gives him super intelligence? He designed that pill while watching this commercial. TRUE FACT. This commercial will give you six orgasms and infuse you with the ability to kill a grizzly bear with your bare hands. It’s like looking inside the mind of “Saturday Night Live’s” Stefon and finding out he dreams in Russian. In fact, after watching this commercial, you will FINALLY understand why this season of “The League” is better than “Archer.” NO ONE DENIES THIS.

(WARNING: May cause spontaneous erection and slight bleeding from the ears. Watch at your own peril.)

(Thanks to Vince at FilmDrunk for the find)

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