Ice-T’s CNN Debate Tweets Prove He Needs To Moderate His Own Presidential Debate Immediately

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Getty Image / Bryan Bedder

In case you missed it, Ice-T live-tweeted the entire CNN GOP debate on Wednesday night, instantly proving why he needs to be put out there at a debate moderator. He’s already proven himself as a pimp, a rapper, a rock musician (despite protests by the police and Charlton Heston), an actor, a TV cop, and now he’s seeking to prove his accolades as a political analyst. If he’s not at least given a spot to ask a question in the next debate, I’m filing a protest.

If you haven’t seen it yet, Ice is on from the word go and he doesn’t mince words with what he thinks about the candidates.

And of course he was one of a million people who copied this Tweet about Donald Trump’s facial expressions mid-debate (or maybe he was the originator, I don’t know):

Pretty soon he was providing some insights on where the questions should go and responding to some of the candidates responses:

Followed by quite the spirited set of tweets about Jeb Bush’s admitted drug use and another swipe at Trump:

Then like most of the folks who tuned in to the debate, he was regretting his decision:

And by the end, he wished America well and pledged his support to one candidate:

God bless, Ice-T. You are a treasure and you should be put in charge of at least the NBC debate. Make it like America’s Got Talent with you, Howard Stern, and Brian Williams. I would watch all eight hours of it with joy.

(Via Ice T / XXL)