If You’ve Got A Few Hundred Dollars Laying Around, You Could Attend The Lena Dunham Book Tour

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09.15.14 9 Comments

Regardless of how you feel about Lena Dunham and HBO’s Girls, it is a reality that they are influential to a lot of people and good enough to receive a lot of praise. She’s pulling in millions, earning praise left and right, and is soon to be featured at the top of the bestseller list with her book, Not That Kind Of Girl.

The fine folks at Gawker covered the book back when it was merely a proposal worth $3 million, so there’s no need to talk about that. What we’re here to look at is her upcoming sold-out book tour and the people taking advantage of it on Craigslist.

All across the more “cultured” portions of the nation, folks are hiking up the prices of their Dunham tickets to make a bit of a profit off the Girls star. The most painful is this posting from New York that is asking for $900 on a $38 ticket:

J.K. Trotter notes that the same type of deal can be found in Austin and Chicago, ranging from $80 per ticket to two tickets for $500. Complete insanity considering it’s an event where you will be read to by Dunham and will receive a signed copy of the book. And it’s originally $38.

I could do a lot for $38 where I live, particularly with a case of cheap beer, the Marshall Tucker Band, and a bunch of firecrackers. A much better time. If you’re willing to spend more than that to see Lena Dunham, or anyone for that matter, you should seek help.

(Via Gawker / Craigslist)

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