IFC Wants Audiences To Really Enjoy Their TV Slowly With Its ‘Sloth’ Channel

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Whether its the end of Portlandia or new entries in the fantastic Documentary Now! series, IFC’s programming slate always seems to be as silly as it is quirky and, well, good. Hence why the latest press release from the cable network detailing its new streaming-only “channel” dubbed Sloth is pretty weird, somewhat intriguing, and not at all surprising.

Described as “slow TV from IFC, with a slightly off twist,” the channel’s website suggests that audiences can simply “throw it on in the background of your next party, or just sit back and zone out.” The press release gets a bit more detailed, noting that Sloth will officially debut Monday, October 8th exclusively on Amazon Fire TV with a slate of Halloween-esque programming dubbed “Black Cats Watching Scary Movies.” And yes, it’s literally going to be footage of black cats watching scary movies.

Starting Monday, October 22nd, Sloth will then be available to stream via Apple TV, Xbox and Roku. The programming will also change every month for the next few months, with “Midterm Madness” (“a vintage collection of real and rare campaign moments”) in November, children reacting to Santa Claus in “Santa’s Wish List” in December, retro-style workout videos on repeat in January’s “Resolutions,” and “Get Laid” (“brick laying in real time”) closing things out in February.