I’ll Take ‘Planet of the Corgis’ Forever, Alex

11.09.11 6 years ago 18 Comments

Several Warming Glow readers alerted me to the fact that one of the categories on Monday’s episode of “Jeopardy!” was “Planet of the Corgis.” This made me squeal with delight, but since that moment I’ve been unable to track down any video or images from that particular show.

However, I HAVE managed to find the clues from the category (see below), and anyone who’s a regular reader of Corgi Friday could have run through “Planet of the Corgis” like a corgi through an agility course.

$200: People in Cardiff know that the 2 types of corgi each have this nationality in their names

“What is Welsh.” Kind of insulting that they included “Cardiff” in the clue, because it allows contestants to figure it out without knowing that Pembroke Welsh and Welsh Cardigan are the two types of corgi (which means “dog” in Welsh).

$400: This author who wrote about a rabid St. Bernard owns corgis & featured one in his novel “Under the Dome”

Duh, “Who is Stephen King.” Another easy one because of the Cujo clue. (By the way, the excellent Brian K. Vaughn is developing “Under the Dome” as a series for Showtime, so there’s gonna be a corgi on TV!)

$600: Here’s our friend the corgi taking this future world leader for a walk in Hyde Park around 1940

I don’t have the photo that goes with the clue, but “Who is Queen Elizabeth II,” obviously. Stupid-ass Paul rang in and guessed “Who is Roosevelt?” What an idiot. Roosevelt was already a world leader in 1940.

$800: The dorgi is a dog produced when a corgi mates with this similar-looking breed

“What is a dachshund.” I admit, this one took me an extra second to figure out.

$1000: Once members of the AKC’s working group, corgis are now classified in this group, as they were bred to handle cattle

“What are herding dogs.” Although I’d argue they were bred more for herding sheep than cattle. STEP UP YOUR CORGI GAME, “JEOPARDY!”

(source: J! Archive)

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