In Which Kelsey Grammer Meets A Woman With A Huge Frasier Crane Tattoo

So, two things:

1) I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “Why? WHY? Why in the name of Niles Crane’s ascot would a sensible person get a giant tattoo of Kelsey Grammer, in character as Frasier Crane, on his or her forearm, especially considering how many alternatives one has in this situation, including, but not limited to: getting the tattoo in a less prominent location, where it could be covered up by a standard t-shirt; or not getting a tattoo at all; or getting a tattoo of almost anything else in the whole wide world, like maybe a dog skateboarding on the moon?”

My best guess: She was worried people wouldn’t catch the reference if she got a tossed salad and scrambled eggs one instead.

2) Prior to this very moment, I assumed the Venn Diagram of Frasier superfans and tattoo aficionados was just two circles separated by a full inch on the page. You learn something new every day.