Is It Fair That 'Community' Can Win an Emmy in an Animation Category?

06.19.12 6 years ago 23 Comments

Some of the biggest names in animation, including Seth MacFarlane and Matt Groening, have sent a strongly-worded letter to the Television Academy, complaining that “cartoons” should be allowed to compete in “both traditional comedy and animation [writing] categories,” according to EW. As the rule stands now, they can only do the latter, and MacFarlane & Co. are crying foul that an episode of “Community,” “Digital Real Estate Planning” (written by “Simpsons” writer Matt Warburton), successfully submitted to both.

Seth MacFarlane (“Family Guy”), David X. Cohen (“Futurama”), and Al Jean (“The Simpsons”) are among the 52 writer-producers who signed a letter to the TV Academy arguing that it’s not fair that “Community” writers can submit their work in both traditional comedy and animation categories. Animated writers have long been told they can only submit episodes for animated writing slots, which are handed out during the less glamorous Creative Arts ceremony instead of the major prime-time telecast. (Via)

The thing that I find amusing about all this is if MacFarlane and Groening get their way and animation shows are allowed to compete for traditional writing awards, which they should, then the wrong shows would still be nominated, just in a different category. In a just world, Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series would include episodes from “Community,” “Parks and Recreation,” “Archer,” “Bob’s Burgers,” and take your pick with two other shows — “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy” don’t deserve a regular writing award, just as they don’t deserve an animation writing award. Instead of complaining about dumb Emmy rules, why not make your shows better?

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