The Latest ‘The Walking Dead’ Fan Theory Is Heartbreaking And Completely Plausible

There are numerous theories surrounding Old Man Rick and the alleged time jump introduced in the eighth season premiere of The Walking Dead. It could be fairly straightforward: At the end of the All Out War, the show jumps ahead five years or so, and we see a hobbled Rick living a peaceful life with Michonne and his family. Or maybe it’s not a time jump at all, but visions Rick is having as he dies, similar to visions we’ve seen other characters have right before they die.

This latest theory is dark, intriguing, and completely plausible. It concerns a grave that Rick was standing over in a future timeline in The Walking Dead season premiere.

There has been speculation about who that grave belongs to. Some suggest that maybe it’s Maggie, which might explain why she doesn’t give birth this season. Others suggest that it is Carl, who many believe may die this season because Chandler Riggs (who plays Carl) is heading to college soon. On the other hand, we saw Carl in the future timeline with Old Man Rick.

This latest fan theory posits that it’s Judith in the grave. But didn’t we see Judith in the future timeline already?

Maybe! But what if that’s not actually Judith? What if that is baby Grace, who we met in the most recently episode, before Morales confronted Rick?

Is there any evidence to support this theory? Well, for one, Rick never referred to the little girl by name in the flash forward, so it’s not necessarily Judith. But more importantly, check out the bunny that the girl is holding.

That right there looks just like the bunny in baby Grace’s crib, doesn’t it?

It lines up, doesn’t it? Could this season be the last for baby Judith? It would be a heartbreaking episode, if so. It would also explain why red-eyed Rick is looking so distressed and upset in a future timeline.

Could those be the eyes of a man who just lost his daughter?