It’s National Doughnut Day, So Let’s Celebrate With These ‘Simpsons’ Food GIFs

Today is National Doughnut Day, a chance for hungry cheapskates everywhere to get a free desert, so long as they don’t mind waiting in a long line, or for their treat to be stale and disappointing (“ohh, stale and disappointing, just like my love life” — Rodney Dangerfield).

The “holiday” was created by the Salvation Army in 1938, but it wasn’t until The Simpsons premiered decades later that we finally understood the meaning of National Doughnut Day, much in the same way no one cared about Christmas until that Magoo fellow came along. The Simpsons gets the doughnut, respects the doughnut, so let’s take a look at some of the show’s finest food GIFs (I’m sad I couldn’t find a decent GIF of Homer eating his moldy ten-foot-hoagie, too). Consider them a motivational technique, like doughnuts and the possibility of more doughnuts to come.