J.K. Simmons Is Going To Host ‘SNL’ And D’Angelo Is Going To Sing

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01.20.15 6 Comments
JK Simmons

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star and Oscar nominee J.K. Simmons is going to host Saturday Night Live on January 31st and D’Angelo will be the musical guest in a rare TV appearance after releasing his first album (Black Messiah) in 14 years, according to SNL‘s twitter account.

Simmons is, of course, known as a character actor and someone who is used to playing super serious characters on both sides of the good/bad divide, but he’s done some comedy as well with his voice work on BoJack HorsemanJuno, his great 2-episode run on Party Down, and his over-the-top J. Jonah Jameson in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films.

He’s also been on Saturday Night Live before thanks to a cameo in the outstanding and surprisingly edgy “Seinfeld goes to Oz” pre-filmed sketch from 1999 when he reprised the role of Vern Schillinger, though something tells me that there won’t be a sequel to that.

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