Jaboody Dubs’ New Infomercial Lip Dub Is Brutal And Foul-Mouthed Hilarity

(NSFW audio. No. Seriously. NSFW.)

The same cheeky bastard behind the absurd Guy Fieri lip dub is back with another of the foul-mouthed infomercial dubs we fell in love with an internet aeon ago. He’s once again dubbing a cleaning product infomercial hosted by Anthony Sullivan.

This time the Smart Mop™ gets a turn in the barrel, and it’s perhaps the most brutally morbid and swearword-filled Jaboody Dub yet. “Did you know that more than two million children die each year due to dehydration,” the host says while dumping a soda out onto the floor. He then proceeds to clean up a suspicious-looking array of spills, making the most colorful of color commentary. But at least now we’ll know what to do if any biker b*tches break in and spill some Pepto Bismol™.

“You know what? F*ck Brooms.”

We can’t really argue with him there.

Via Jaboody Dubs