Harmony Korine Got Banned From Letterman For Digging Through Meryl Streep’s Purse

Back in the 90s weirdo Spring Breakers director Harmony Korine was a semi-regular on David Letterman’s show, appearing whenever he had something to promote. But in 1998 he was banned from appearing on the show forever and the reasons for Korine’s Letterman show exile have always been a bit of a mystery.

Well, last night James Franco appeared on the show and the subject of Korine and the banning came up. Dave masterfully allowed Franco to detail what Korine had told him was the reason for his banning before revealing the real reason for such a drastic measure.

“I went upstairs [to the green room] to greet Meryl Streep,” Letterman recalled. “I looked around and found your friend, Harmony, going through her purse.”

Well okay then! Watch the clip below.

And here’s one of Korine’s 90s appearances on the show from before he was banned…

(Via Vulture)