Jason Bateman Confessed To Being A Peeping Tom And Teased ‘Arrested Development’ On ‘Kimmel’

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04.11.13 8 Comments

Going in I was 50/50 on whether I would write up Jason Bateman appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night (my sophisticated criteria: “How much Arrested Development?”), but then J-Bates (as he likes to be called) immediately opened with a Teen Wolf 3D joke and I knew it was meant to be.

If you didn’t spend your impressionable years soaking in as many innocuous sitcoms as I did you can go ahead and skip down to the third clip for that juicy Arrested Development goodness, which actually is pretty damn juicy in that Bateman explains the intermingling story structure of the new Netflix segments more thoroughly than I’ve seen thus far. But if you’re down for some old fashioned inside baseball Hollywood nostalgia, strap in.

First up we have the aforementioned Teen Wolf drop, followed with stories about what daily life was like for a kid actor in the ’80s. Yes, there is a Ricky Schroeder name drop.

In Part 2 Jason describes pranking geriatric audience members and how he and Schroeder used to peeping tom the lovely Erin Grey (when she had her fast ball). Kind of feel like Jason owes both Erin and Ricky a phone call.

And finally, chatting his new movie and — of course — Arrested Development. AD on Netflix stuff starts at the 3:30 mark, prefaced by: “I want people to manage their expectations.” Me and you both, J-Bates. Me and you both.

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