Khal Drogo And Conan Get Betty White All Hot And Bothered With Their Sexy Magazine Covers

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03.04.14 8 Comments

I want to start out by saying that Jason Momoa dresses like the kind of hipster that I’d end up having to fight when putting out an open challenge during my next trip to Brooklyn. That said, it’d be worth it for the story.

Conan had the Game of Thrones  and Red Road star on alongside Betty White and the combination was a bit much for the 92-year-old starlet to handle. Just look at these magazine covers that almost melted her out of her chair:

Jason Momoa Conan

Team Coco

Back to back like a couple of regular bros. If this doesn’t lead to a buddy cop show on Spike then I don’t want to live in America any longer. Is Alec Baldwin still taking a wagon train to Canada?

(Via Team Coco)

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