Jay Pharoah Does Kanye West Better Than Kanye West Does Kanye West

08.29.13 5 years ago 8 Comments

According to Splitsider, this was posted to YouTube by Lorne Michaels’ production company’s YouTube channel, prompting them to wonder why this, a parody of Kanye West’s “I am a God,” just wasn’t aired on SNL? Could it be because Lorne Michaels doesn’t know what’s funny anymore? (This is something I’ve been arguing with friends for a while.) Possibly, because this is damn funny.

Pharoah, arguably the best impressionist going these days, nails the hell out of Kanye. The impression is about as good as I can imagine anyone doing, to the point where parts of it actually sound like Kanye doing a parody of himself. So with that said…enjoy!

(Via Uproxx Clip Nation)

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