Oh, Just Jennifer Lawrence And Amy Poehler High School Cheerleader Photos

Nothing says internet like unearthing high school photos of celebrities, and over at Reddit that concept has been ratcheted up a notch with a new collection of high school (correction: Jennifer Lawrence is in middle school, even hotter) cheerleading photos of well-known lady celebs in their pre-fame athletic supporter days. Pretty much a perfect combo. I wouldn’t have been compelled to share, but things kick off with UPROXX favorites Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Poehler, and I’m not one to skirt the bylaws.

J-Law’s fairly predictable image above, obvs. Amy’s way-more-awesome late 80s (or maybe late 50s?) cheerleading shot below. Followed by Megan Fox and Meryl Streep for good measure. Seriously though, we might have a time-traveling vampire situation on our hands with Ms. Poehler…

The way I hear it Ms. Streep was just perfectly portraying a cheerleader.

And to think now she gets paid to jump on trampolines. America is so great.

See the rest here or here. From the comments I gather that the karma police or going to have quite the investigation on their hands.