Ken Jennings Had The Perfect Sign-Off After Winning The ‘Jeopardy!’ GOAT Tournament

The Jeopardy! GOAT tournament between Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter, and James Holzhauer came to an end on Tuesday night, with Jennings taking home the $1 million grand prize and, more importantly, bragging rights. Even before they faced off, Jennings, the highest-earning American game show contestant ever, had a friendly online rivalry with Holzhauer, who won our hearts (and lots of money) after going on a 32-game winning streak, but following last night’s episode, Jennings tweeted his appreciation for his fellow contestant, as well as Rutter, the Kevin Jonas of the GOAT tournament.

“If we ran this tournament back a dozen times, you’d probably see a different winner each time. Brad and James are just that good,” Jennings wrote. “[Holzhauer] is a player so dominant that, when he took on the strongest players ever in his sport, they both had to adopt his exact style of play just to contain him. THAT’s a once-in-a-generation talent.” He added that Rutter got some “tough breaks” in the tournament, but “real Jeopardy-heads know him as the guy who beat me in three straight tournament finals. For over a decade, he’s really had the only credible claim as the Jeopardy GOAT.”

You can read the whole thread here, but Jennings saved the best tweet for last:

Jennings also talked about his win on Good Morning America.