The Whole Internet’s Freaking Out About This ‘Jeopardy’ Contestant’s Fascinating Voice

Life & Culture Editor
11.25.15 18 Comments

Every couple of months, a Jeopardy contestant comes along that sets the entire internet aflame with controversy. Sometimes it’s a really hot dude or someone who “sticks it to liberals.” This week, though, it’s someone who’s even more interesting than the guy with the world’s creepiest smile: It’s a woman named Laura Ashby, a Jeopardy champion whose southern accent and interesting inflection (she goes up as she reaches the end of a sentence) has been setting the Twittersphere on fire.

Us Weekly reports that Ashby, who’s an attorney (so you know she’s making bank), has won over $40,000 on the show. She’s also inspired a hashtag—#JeopardyLaura—and some very controversial opinions. Here are just a few selections.

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