The Whole Internet’s Freaking Out About This ‘Jeopardy’ Contestant’s Fascinating Voice

Every couple of months, a Jeopardy contestant comes along that sets the entire internet aflame with controversy. Sometimes it’s a really hot dude or someone who “sticks it to liberals.” This week, though, it’s someone who’s even more interesting than the guy with the world’s creepiest smile: It’s a woman named Laura Ashby, a Jeopardy champion whose southern accent and interesting inflection (she goes up as she reaches the end of a sentence) has been setting the Twittersphere on fire.

Us Weekly reports that Ashby, who’s an attorney (so you know she’s making bank), has won over $40,000 on the show. She’s also inspired a hashtag—#JeopardyLaura—and some very controversial opinions. Here are just a few selections.

Some people, of course were very pro Laura Ashby:

And, of course, the best sport is Laura Ashby herself, who took to her Twitter to deal a little justice to all the haters out there:

That’s some awesome sportsmanship! And a really great way to stick it to the people who are getting you down. Personally, I’ve watched the video about fifteen times now and think she just sounds like she’s nervous/is an auctioneer in her spare time. And, if nothing else, Ashby’s also reminding me to binge on 30 Rock tomorrow. Who remembers this classic scene?


Best of luck in all your future endeavors, Laura Ashby! Too bad we won’t be seeing you on TV anymore.

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