Damnit Jerry! ‘Parks and Recreation’ Casts Jerry Gergich’s Super Hot Wife

Meet Jerry Gergich’s wife. Both the schlemiel and the schlemazel of Parks and Recreation — played by friend of UPROXX, Jim O’Heir — has the last laugh, folks. His wife, Gayle, with whom he has a lovely marriage, will be played by Christie Brinkley, according to EW. It’s kind of perfect, though, isn’t it? It certainly helps explain his hot daughter, Millicent.

The former wife of Billy Joel will appear in an episode, “Ron and Diane,” late in November that will also feature Megan Mullally getting in a fight with Ron Swanson’s new girlfriend, played by Lucy Lawless. That’s how you do sweeps, people.

This is what Christie Brinkley looks like these days.

Here’s who Jerry used to have sex with in the earlier days of his marriage.

Jerry is one lucky local government bureaucrat. How does a man like Jerry Gergich land a wife that looks like that? This should explain it.

Makes sense, now.