Jerry Seinfeld Dropped A Little ‘Seinfeld’/Netflix Update In His Latest Reddit AMA

Jerry Seinfeld already did a Reddit AMA. You probably remember it because it was just six months ago, in January. We rounded it all up and everything. But I guess when you create one of the most beloved, iconic sitcoms of the modern era, you can do as many Reddit AMAs as you please. And so, here we are, Seinfeld AMA 2. 2 Seinfeld 2 AMA. Seinfeld AMA: Ghost Protocol. Live Free Or Answer Questions On Reddit, If You’re Seinfeld. And so on and so forth.


Jerry, any word on Seinfeld coming to Netflix?

Can you please convince Larry to let it happen? There are so many people who still have not experienced Seinfeld first hand and having it available through Netflix will surely be the easiest way.


You are a very smart and progressive person. These conversations are presently taking place.

If Seinfeld hits Netflix around the same time the new Simpsons website debuts, we might as well all just make it official and hunker down in our darkened homes like hibernating bears from November to March. We should consider doing this anyway. We can move Thanksgiving and Christmas back to, say, early May. Valentine’s Day is canceled. Football starts April 1. This is doable.

How did you react when you found out Steven Spielberg would watch episodes of Seinfeld to cheer himself up after getting depressed while filming Schindler’s List?

That was really one of the great moments in the history of the show for us when we heard that. We really felt like we were doing something worthwhile.

Yup, that’ll do it.

What is the best part about being Jerry Seinfeld??




Probably when I open my eyes in the morning, and I go “Oh my god, I’m Jerry Seinfeld! Let’s get out of bed and enjoy this!”

Seems to be rubbing it in a bit, but fine. I suppose that’s what I’d do, too.

Who is your dream guest for Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (living or dead)?

Hm. This is a good question. Well, I guess it would have to be George Carlin, since he was one of the most iconic comedians and I did have a relationship with him and we would have had a great time.

Correct. We would have also accepted “Mitch Hedberg” or “Dave Chappelle.”

Hi Jerry! What is your most memorable scene from Seinfeld that had to be re-shot the most because everybody kept laughing?

When Frank Costanza, George’s father, said to Elaine “Do you want a piece of me?” when he thought that she wanted to have a fistfight. That one, we had to do over and over because nobody could stop laughing. Every time Jerry Stiller would say “Do you want a piece of me?” we had to stop.

Story checks out.

Moving along.

Did you ever learn to surf?
In your adulthood, have you bought a superior Superman costume to the one that you wore on Halloween as a child?

I did learn to surf in 1999 in Hawaii, and considered chucking my entire life to just surf. And I sometimes think I should have grabbed that opportunity, because I knew it was my only chance I was ever going to get – I was single, I had just finished the show, but I didn’t do it.

No, I never got a better one.

You should really get a waterproof Superman costume. You could wear it while surfing, and that would be perfect.

It’s way too early in the day to be drinking.

But the best moment of the AMA, by so very, very far, was this exchange, which I have screencapped for emphasis.

I expected more from you, BonerDude69.