Become A ‘Jessica Jones’ Scholar With This Easter Egg Reference Guide

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11.24.15 4 Comments

Jessica Jones has quickly established itself as must-see/must-stream television and now a new video guide will allow you to watch this much gushed over show with an eye for some tucked away details.

Mr. Sunday Movies has crafted a rundown that takes every easter egg and reference from the Netflix series and places it on display for the world to see. Considering that this thing is a spoiler casserole in parts, we recommend not pressing play until you’ve mowed through this Marvel offering first. (If you haven’t caught Jessica Jones yet, why not get a primer with our preview?)

This detail-oriented look at the series offers additional info on Krysten Ritter’s titular character, the assorted Marvel players that pop up on the show, and the nods the show provides about its subject matter. Did you know that Captain Marvel was originally pegged for a best friend role on the show? This video helpfully notes that the upcoming Captain Marvel movie threw a monkey wrench into that plan and that’s why Patricia “Trish” Walker is in the buddy spot instead. Informative!

If you’re looking for a seven-and-a-half-minute video placing a magnifying glass on what you see (and sometimes what you don’t) on Jessica Jones, this should do the trick. If you’re not looking for that sort of thing, just watch Van Halen’s “Jump” video instead. It’s unrelated but also good.

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