Jim Gaffigan’s Rant About Kale-Eating, Gluten-Free ‘Terrorists’ On Conan Was A Thing Of Beauty

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11.14.13 8 Comments

Jim Gaffigan stopped by Conan last night to promote his new book, and as soon as the conversation turned to food Conan might as well have left the desk. Gaffigan essentially shifted right into a ten-minute, sit-down standup routine.

After the requisite acknowledgement of the duo’s mutual paleness, Gaffigan starts his zinger roll by explaining why the South will never rise again (hint: biscuits and gravy for breakfast).

You’d think a man who has spent more than a decade putting out standup specials built around food (Healthy food is yucky! Unhealthy food is yummy!) would be coming up dry at this point, but Gaffigan will never be short on material as long as new diet fads keep popping up. Here he rails against kale and silly milk trends before shaming the communist values of gluten-free propagandists:

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