Jim Rash Goes Full Dean On Joel McHale During A Very Sensual ‘Lip Sync Battle’

Joel McHale’s Bjork is no match for Jim Rash’s Pink, especially when he goes full Dean Pelton on Lip Sync Battle. Rash “sings” Pink’s “So What” with gusto and energy, the kind you just don’t see from Joel McHale and his hulking frame. He makes Bjork look like she is ready to compete for WWE. That’s still a catchy song, though. It’s how some like to imagine Bjork’s outburst at the airport looked like in her head, complete with the folks in the scuba gear.

Rash also gave McHale quite the lap dance to En Vouge, bringing back visions of several episodes of Community and one karaoke version of Seal’s “Kiss from a Rose.”

McHale also attacks Rash at several times during the show, making you think there’s plenty of playful aggression built up from playing their characters on Community. Or maybe he’s just upset that The Soup came to an end? He really shouldn’t be. Being free of the shackles of having to watch Kardashian clips on a weekly basis has to be a good feeling. I know I’d feel pretty good.

If this episode of Lip Sync Battle was good for anything, it brought back memories of Community. The good times of Community.