Jimmy Fallon Fanned Himself While Recalling The Time He French-Kissed Natalie Portman

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11.09.13 16 Comments

natalie fallon

For a few, post-Garden State years there, Natalie Portman was my everything. I would buy pointless magazines if she was on the cover, I would see even more pointless movies that she was in, like My Blueberry Nights and Goya’s Ghosts, just so I could stare at her for 90 minutes without feeling like a TOTAL creep; hell, I even convinced myself to listen to Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head, which is the revelation I’m most embarrassed about.

So I can completely understand (and sadly can’t relate to) Jimmy Fallon fanning himself while recalling the time he and Portman shared a makeout session during an MTV Movie Awards promo, that SOB. He, Zach Braff, and Hayden Christensen are on my list, a list very different from the one that reads, “Future Wives: #1. Natalie Portman.”

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