Watch Jimmy Fallon Pay Tribute To Robin Williams, ‘The Muhammad Ali Of Comedy’

Creative Director
08.13.14 12 Comments

If there has been one positive thing to come from the death of Robin Williams, it’s this: remembering Robin Williams is such a pleasure. Sure, notorious trolls have attempted to rain on the tribute parade, but the planet’s decent human beings have spent the last couple of days united by the laughter and tears brought on my Robin Williams footage, stories, and remembrances. That’s a rarity, especially in an arena as divisive and jaded as the internet.

Last night, Jimmy Fallon paid his respects. Backed by footage of Robin’s first Tonight Show appearance and a slick impression, Fallon fought back tears as he remembered watching one of his heroes in wonder, accurately dubbing Williams “the Muhammad Ali of comedy” for his ability to think ten steps ahead of everyone else.

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