Jimmy Kimmel Tricked People At SXSW Into Raving About Bands That Don’t Exist

As long as there are music festivals or other gatherings of people who want to seem cool, Jimmy Kimmel will be able to find folks willing to lie on camera to avoid admitting they might not be hip to everything the cool kids are into these days. Kimmel’s Lie Witness News correspondent previously found plenty of quasi-hippies at Coachella willing to profess their love for nonexistent bands, and the segment taken at New York Fashion Week is particularly delightful schadenfreude as the “fashionistas” gush about nonexistent designers like Meadowlark Lemon and George Costanza.

Now, Jimmy Kimmel Live took their same bit from Coachella and repeated it at SXSW 2015, asking attendees for their opinions on nonexistent bands like Mary Kate And Nasty, Eddie And His Manpurse, and Cheez Whiz Khalifa. It’s amazing how few of them realized they were being gaslighted when being asked questions about “Vlad and the Putins,” about whether or not DJ Gluten is hard to tolerate, or being asked a series of questions about DJ Cialis which consisted of boner puns, to the confusion of a guy wearing sunglasses on his head at night.

Perhaps the best part is when a sweet but totally bluffing girl raves about seeing “DJ Fictionelle” live in France, and the correspondent asks, “Do you like his song ‘Je Suis Full Of Merde’?” And she does. And is.