Jimmy Kimmel Explains How A Story Trump Told About Him At A Rally Was Actually A Blatant, Bizarre Lie

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07.10.18 8 Comments

No matter what anyone thinks of President Trump’s policies, it’s pretty evident that the guy makes stuff up. It doesn’t matter whether the stakes are high or low because he’ll sprint past embellishment and concoct the wildest of tales, probably because he likes to impress, and his followers will listen. This was the case during a recent South Carolina campaign rally when Trump told a crazy (and fake) story about how Jimmy Kimmel went out of his way to welcome Trump to his show via his studio’s main Hollywood Boulevard entrance in 2016.

Kimmel was on vacation and off the grid when he became the subject of a strange campaign rally tangent, so on Monday night, he set the record straight:

“It’s a funny thing. We all know, like even the people who like the president know he makes things up, but still it’s weird to hear him tell a lie that specifically involves you. Because all of a sudden you’re like wait, no, he’s lying!”

The host then explained how he never greets guests before the show because he prefers to do so on camera, which makes sense. Kimmel insists that he’d “feel dumb” greeting people twice, and his practice makes the actual greeting appear fresher, but logic did not prevail with Trump’s tall tale. So, Kimmel concocted an even more outrageous story about what really went down:

“Donald Trump showed up one night outside our show banging on the backstage door. It was 2007. He had a half-finished bucket of chicken under his arm and he was screaming that he needed to use the bathroom. But unfortunately, there was someone in the bathroom. I believe it was Zach Braff who was in the bathroom. So Donald took a look around. He stuffed the remainder of the chicken in his jacket, he dropped his pants, he did his business in the bucket … that story is exactly as true as his was.”

The funny thing is …. at least two-thirds of that story could be plausible. And of course this disaster would partially be Zach Braff’s fault, though he will probably enjoy the name check. Trump hasn’t tweeted a response to Kimmel’s gleefully made-up story, but maybe there will be a sequel at the next campaign rally.

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