John Oliver Craps All Over Elon Musk’s Hyperloop On The ‘Daily Show’

Everyone seems excited about the Hyperloop, Paypal and Tesla founder Elon Musk’s idea for a train connecting Los Angeles and San Francisco that would travel at speeds eclipsing 800mph through a tube. Could it revolutionize train travel — and travel in general, for that matter — in the U.S.? Lots of people think so! However, John Oliver is not one of those people.

“So, you know those old office tubes they used to fire documents around in in the 1950s? Now imagine a mouse crawled into one of those tubes. Now imagine that it wasn’t a mouse, it was you,” Oliver quipped. “Now just sit back and relax in that aluminum capsule and enjoy a half an hour of this… (plays footage of people being terrified on amusement park rides).”

Oliver then goes on to blast the media for reporting that Musk was the inspiration for the Tony Stark character in Iron Man when he clearly was not. Enjoy…