John Oliver And His Twin, Elmo, Teamed Up For A Very Heartwarming Global Message

Not too long ago, John Oliver took a swing at Tucker Carlson after he attacked Elmo. Goodness, it’s been a long year, but really, that happened. In June, Oliver defended the furry red icon after Carlson threw a raging fit over Sesame Street taking a stance against police brutality and in favor of the Black Lives Matter movement. Given that these two share a common enemy, it’s nice to see Oliver and Elmo unite for a common cause, which is to spread joy to children who are enduring the COVID-19 pandemic while adults mess up the the entire response.

Alright, so I elaborated a little bit with that last point, but for real, Oliver found a mini-me in Elmo, and I’m not sure who looks like the sharper-dressed man in their suit and glasses. More to the point, though, this video recognizes Sesame Street — which helped provide educational resources (and entertainment) to children in lockdown — for winning the Global Citizen Prize for Culture and Education. Global Citizen, of course, is the organization that aims to eliminate poverty by 2030, and here’s how the org describes the importance of how this award was celebrated through song:

It was a moving moment that underscored exactly what Global Citizen Prize is all about: celebrating communities around the world that have everything in common simply by virtue of being a human being — or, well, a muppet.

Alessia Cara first sang “So Much Alike” with the cast of Sesame Street in 2016. As she reunited with Elmo, Cookie Monster, and all their global pals in 2020, the song took on a new power, reflecting on all the different ways the world has lived through the same hardship.

Bless John Oliver for recognizing that there’s one thing that he’s not good at: singing. And thank goodness for Elmo highlighting the importance of both meditation and virtual playdates. Sesame Street and John Oliver may very well save humanity, no joke.