John Oliver Gives The Painfully Antiquated Miss America Pageant The Mocking It Richly Deserves

If you have at any point found yourself wondering, “How is it that beauty pageants still exist in America in 2014?”, well, you’re not alone. They’re so impossibly ridiculous — it’s like they only exist any more for the camp factor, and, of course, to be mocked by the internet and professional comedians. And last night John Oliver delivered the mocking the Miss America Pageant’s been virtually begging for.

“Last Sunday was the Miss America pageant, and through it all — the swimsuits, the dance numbers, the inexplicable ventriloquism — it was very difficult not to think, ‘How the f*ck is this still happening?'”, Oliver opened by saying. He then dove head first into a seemingly unending parade of ridiculousness highlighted by Ian Ziering quizzing a contestant over America’s policy regarding hostage-taking and Donald Trump just being Donald Trump. Enjoy.