John Oliver Compares Trump’s Reaction To Portland Protests To His Feelings On Ben Affleck’s Batman

Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight was centered on the Uighur concentration camps in China (watch the segment here), but host John Oliver also took some time to condemn Donald Trump and Fox News’ dishonest coverage of the Portland protests.

“The protests in Portland have actually been going on daily for nearly two months now, since the killing of George Floyd,” Oliver said. “But the deployment of federal agents was a sharp escalation of questionable legality, and yet, to hear the president tell it, he had no choice and it was a terrific idea.” The exact words Donald Trump used to praise the federal officers he sent to Portland to squash the peaceful protests were “great job,” which is also how he described his response to the coronavirus in early May, thousands and thousands of deaths ago. That should be a warning sign to everyone.

“OK, first: It’s never good when Trump says he’s doing a ‘great job,’ given that he thinks his administration is doing a ‘great job’ dealing with the coronavirus, and he once proclaimed Ben Affleck would do a ‘great job’ as Batman. Clearly, this man has no sense of what a ‘great job’ actually looks like,” Oliver said, referring to this immortal tweet.

He must’ve felt very conflicted when Pattinson was picked as the next Batman.

Oliver also singled out Hannity, who has been accused of sexual harassment, and his deceitful portrayal of the “insane” protests. “Yeah, it is insane,” he said. “Because that tone does not honestly reflect the conditions on the ground.” Watch the segment here.

(Via the Daily Beast)