John Stamos Hilariously Called Out The Host Of ‘Hot Ones’ For Not Knowing About His Infamous Moment In Howard Stern’s ‘Private Parts’

John Stamos visited Hot Ones (before the SAG strike) to proclaim that the central character on Full House was “love” before getting angry drunk on hot sauce.

An absolute delight, Stamos brought up one of Hot One‘s previous interviews where Sean Evans compared Howard Stern‘s infamous Fartman scene in Private Parts to how celebrities initially thought of coming on his show to eat spicy food and answer niche questions. When Evans couldn’t remember who shared the scene with Stern in the movie, Stamos gleefully shouted, “It was me! Good research, you asshole!” causing Evans to nearly fall out of his seat laughing.

A few minutes later, Stamos asked if he could become the co-host of the show before actually falling out of his seat.

It was a solid pratfall, but the thousand-yard-stare Stamos had glued to his face by the end of the gauntlet was legit. It was one of the best episodes of the interview series, marked by Stamos’ unique charm and a fantastic chemistry between the two as they ate wings and chatted about comedy legends, working with James Earl Jones on stage, and close encounters of the fandom kind. Stamos also explained how he got the Private Parts gig, replacing Luke Perry and spending the shooting day drinking beer with Slash.