The Details That Have Emerged About Jon Hamm’s Alleged Frat Hazing Days Are Pretty Horrific

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Jon Hamm has been on a road to self-improvement, which has been strongly supported by his recent trip to rehab for alcohol abuse. Along these journeys, unfortunately, it’s typical that old skeletons from the past can emerge. In the Mad Men star’s case, his days as an alleged fraternity hazer at the University of Texas surfaced last week.

In documents and photos unearthed today by the Daily Mail, Hamm is characterized as participating in several incidents of ruthless hazing at the UT chapter of Sigma Nu, including one involving a pledge, Mark Sanders, forgetting his nickname, “MC Hammer:”

“Hamm and his frat cohorts’ retribution was to spank Sanders repeatedly with a paddle. ‘I’m hurting bad, I mean being hit right where the kidney is, it’s killing me,’ Sanders told his interviewers. Hamm and another fraternity member then lifted Sanders up by his underwear, pulling it back and forth in a sawing motion. ‘I don’t know how far underwear stretches, I don’t know how far I was off the ground,’ he recalled… He later claimed to have suffered nerve damage to his ribs, kidney spasms and a lineal spinal fracture.”

Hamm and his brothers in Sigma Nu were also said to set fire to Sanders’ pants and “refused to let him pat the flames down, instead making him blow them out,” among many other degrading acts in the transcript. The chapter was kicked off campus soon after Sanders’ family filed a report with the police. Several arrests were made, including Hamm, but he received deferred adjudication and probation.

The Mad Men star has yet to comment on the situation.

Source: The Daily Mail